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All adoptions are by application, which you can access by clicking on link below. Our adoption fees are based on the age of each rescue, with most rescues in the $175.00 to $195.00 range, "seniors" ranging from $50.00 to $125.00, and puppies $225.00.

100% of each adoption fee goes strictly to the medical care and treatment of our rescues. Each pet is examined by our vet; tested and treated for heartworms, infections, parasites or other ailments; fully vaccinated; spayed or neutered; bathed, ears cleaned and nails trimmed by volunteers; put on Heartgard heartworm preventative and Frontline flea preventative.

All dog food, treats, toys, beds, blankets and towels are donated. We gladly welcome any donation of those items.


Download the Adoption Application Below

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