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For our most current listing of rescues available for adoption, please visit our petfinder list at:
Each Boston Terrier has their own unique personality, and is just waiting to give you their unconditional love. Because we have lovingly nurtured each and every one of them, we admit that we are a little particular about their new homes. We want them to be happy and well-adjusted, and therefore use an application process to attempt to properly match each rescue to their new forever home.

If you would like to be considered as a potential parent for one of our rescues, please download
the application on the Adoption page and email it back to us. And thank you for your interest in rescue!





Gomez has been adopted and is now living with adopted brother Bear (both deaf boys) with Becky and Bill in Houston! Background: What a sweet and handsome boy Gomez is! Poor little Gomez was dumped into a drop box at the Texas City shelter. He has very unique markings - black with a lot of brindle, solid white face and little black ears like Mickey Mouse! Gomez appears to be completely deaf. He is a quiet boy, other than when he decides to bark at something - then he is VERY loud due to his deafness! Gomez appears to be right around 3 years old.



ADOPTED! Juliette is now living the life of a fairy-tale princess, living with her mom Earline in a spacious, beautiful home on the golf course! Background: Juliette is a precious little girl, who needs to be the princess of her new home as she is a very dog aggressive 10-pound piranha!!! Juliette is 13 years old, but thinks she is still 2! She is a lot of fun and will bring someone a lot of joy. She is up to date with all of her shots and she is also house trained!



Della has been adopted, and is living with her new mom and dad in Alvin, Texas. Della gets to go shopping for doggie things all of the time, and is absolutely loving her new life! Background: Della is our new little senior girl (weighing in at 12 pounds), who has earned the designation of piranha #2 (second only to Juliette). Della does not like other dogs, and will do well in a settled home without young children. Della is 8 1/2 years old, and therefore has our "golden years" adoption fee of $75.00. She is house-trained, altered and up-to-date with all of her shots.

Nubbin has been adopted and is a little Aggie now! Nubbin is living with his new mom and dad, both entymology grad students at Texas A&M. Background: Nubbin has lived the past six months of his life in a shelter in Victoria, Texas, awaiting his new home. Nubbin is approximately 6 to 8 years old, and is a very loving boy. Thank you to animal angel Margaret Dominy for transporting Nubbin from Victoria, Texas, to Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston. He has been altered and is up to date with his shots.

Sheena is a sweet little mixed-breed girl - possibly of Akita or Shepherd origin? We're not really sure, but she is a good dog who weighs right at 32 pounds. Sheena loves to run and play with other dogs, and seems to like children also. Sheena has a pretty good underbite, with teeth that jut out once in a while, making her even cuter and more unique! The shelter estimated Sheena's age to be around 18 months. Sheena is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and on heartworm and flea preventative. She is ready for her new home!

Della is a tiny package of vim and vigor! She weighs only 12 pounds, but wants to beat up all of the bigger dogs! Della will need to be placed in a settled home without other anumals or young children. She is 8 1/2 years old, and therefore has our "golden years" adoption fee of $75.00. She is up to date with all of her shots and is altered.

Brewster has been adopted and is now living with his new mom and dad in Clear Lake, just south of Houston. Background: Brewster is an approximately two-year-old boy who was picked up as a stray in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Brewster weighs 20 pounds, and thanks to Animal Angel Anne (quickly becoming the Boston Terrier Rescue Queen of Louisiana!) is being treated for heartworms. Brewster will be ready for adoption once he has completed his treatment. He is located in Madisonville, Louisiana. Thanks, Anne!
Both Mickey and Scooter have been adopted are are now living the good life with their new family in Athens, Georgia. Background: This is Scooter, who is brother to Mickey (please see their story under Mickey's photo). Scooter weighs 16 pounds, and will be placed together with Mickey. Scooter is a very sweet, young and loving boy who gets along well with other dogs. He is up to date with shots and altered.
Mickey was adopted, along with his brother Scooter (see happy ending above). Background: This is Mickey, an adorable little guy who weighs only 12 pounds. He and his brother Scooter were picked up and turned over to rescue after continually running loose in the streets, at the local high school baseball and soccer fields, and even the highway. These boys just wanted to be out having fun! And thanks to Animal Angel LeAnn for getting them safely into rescue so that all of their future fun will be supervised! These little guys have grown up together, so we prefer to place them in a home where they will remain together. They are 2 1/2 years old and just precious babee boys!
Penelope was picked up from an animal shelter in Picayune, Mississippi, by rescue angel Anne in Louisiana. Thanks, Anne!!! Poor little Penelope is a little overweight (weighing in at 25 pounds) and has only one eye. Anne reports that Penelope is very affectionate and loves to have her tummy rubbed. She also loves to run and play in the yard, and of course chase those pesky squirrels! Penelope is housetrained, and gets along well with other dogs! Her hair is a little longer than most Bostons, so she may not be purebred. Penelope is currently being fostered in Louisiana. She is house trained and up to date with all her shots.
Kimmie has been adopted and is now in her new home with mom Angela, and Boston Terrier brother Otis, in Washington, D. C. Background: Kimmie is a sweet little girl who was found as a stray, wandering the streets of Houston. Kimmie is a playful little girl who seems to have a lot to say - she is always "talking," especially if you are not paying enough attention to her! A huge thank you goes out to Dani and Richard for fostering Kimmie and taking such great, loving care of her.
Ruby was found as a stray in Houston. She is very sweet and loving, but does not seem to like other dogs very well. Ruby came in weighing 32 pounds, but thanks to the love and attention given to her by foster mom Leslie, Ruby has lost around 7 pounds. We are hoping that Ruby will reach her optimum weight of around 20 pounds. Ruby will do well with an older couple or settled family.
Burton has been adopted! Background: This little guy was picked up after being hit by a car. Thanks to Animal Angel Morgan, (who happens to be a very responsible 17-year-old!!!) who found Burton and got him immediately to a vet for emergency care, he will be okay. Burton is a very handsome young man who appears to get along well with other animals. He is a sweet and gentle boy who appears to be around 2 years old.
Bradley is a very sweet little guy who was turned over to a shelter after nipping his owner, who had adopted him from the SPCA. Bradley has exhibited no biting behavior with his foster mom, and we believe that his previous adopter may have been apprehensive around him. Bradley is a very cute little guy, weighing in at just at 15 pounds. He has one blue eye and is playful and loving. Due to his prior history of alleged biting, we prefer to place Bradley in a home with adults.


Little Miss Daisy has gone to the sunshine state to live with her new dad Alexis, and Boston Terrier brother Petey. Background: Daisy is a 16-month-old girl with energy to spare! Daisy was turned over to rescue because she was just too active for her owners. She weighs 17 pounds and loves to play and play, and play some more!









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