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Below are the list of our Boston Terriers who have been adopted by loving families!

Austin was picked up as a stray in Austin, Texas, and had a severe case of demodex mange (hereditary, not contagious). He has been treated and is totally healed. Austin appeared to have been a puppy-mill dog, having had a collar imbedded into his neck that had to be cut away and nails approximately 3/4 inch long. He is a very loving dog, and tends to get a little rambunctious in his play. Austin is a very handsome young man now.

He is approximately 2 years old. He is a very happy dog with his new family!!

Kellie Ann was rescued from a shelter in Beaumont, Texas, and appears to be very sweet and loving. KELLIE ANN IS HAVING LOTS OF FUN LIVING IN HER NEW 3-STORY CONDO WITH MOM AND DAD ALISON AND TROY, AND BULLDOG SISTER DAPHNE!!!


Okay, so Zoe will not win any beauty contests with those choppers! But she is the sweetest, most gentle little girl! Zoe came to us along with Zachary, from Animal Control in Houston. She was so scared that she would just crawl into a corner and shake like a leaf! Zoe has come out of her shell, and loves everyone that she meets! ZOE IS NOW LIVING IN HER NEW HOME WITH MOM LESLIE AND DAD ANDREW, WHO LOVE HER SOOOOOO MUCH!!!



Angel was found by a real Angel, who picked her up and tried to find her home. She is named after her rescuer. Angel is an adorable little girl who is starved for affection.



Baby Hartleigh has been adopted!!





Brownie was turned in to rescue as a Boston Terrier. Even though Brownie is obviously not a Boston terrier (!), he was a nice dog that needed a good home.





Dexter was rescued from Animal Control in Houston. He appears to be 2 to 3 years old, and is a very handsome young man! Dexter loves to play, and gets along well with the other rescues. He has a sweet and calm nature too. He has been adopted!!




Hmm, where did all this white come from? Well, I am different and very cute. I need a special home because I am deaf. I am very sweet and well-mannered.



Now known as "Houston," this sweet boy went to his new home with Dottie and Steve in Brownsville. Watch for his story and photos coming soon!



This is a precious little doll. Kearby was surrendered by his owner and is 2 years old. He is not yet fully potty-trained, but is learning!



"The dog that smiles." Nelson is a loving, gentle boy who loves everyone. He is very playful and likes children. He is not yet fully housebroken, but will use a doggie door. Nelson has been adopted!


Pepper Peepers

Pepper's owners tearfully surrendered Pepper because she did not get along with their other dog.
Pepper needs to be in a single dog family. Pepper has been adopted!


In Memory

Krickett went to her new home in Harker Heights on September 16, 2000. Christine sent photos of Krickett's new doggie family - her Beagle sister Daisy and Yorkie sister Sukoshi. Krickett has also discovered squirrels! Sadly, Krickett passed away unexpectedly on April 8, 2002. Our sincere sympathies to Christine and Fred on the loss of a beautiful girl.

- Gidgette is a precious little girl who appears to have been attacked by other dogs. Shs is very timid and quiet, and wlll need some extra love and attention to help her to "come out of her shell." Gidgette is just over a year old, and weighs 17 pounds. She is cute as a button, just timid and shy right now. Gidgette was adopted by Christine seen above!!

Kacie came to us from an animal shelter in Lufkin, thanks to help from Rachel of Rottweiller Rescue. It appeared that Kacie had been bred extensively, and she was a little snappy with other dogs as a result. Kacie soon learned to get along with the other rescues, and has now found peace and happiness with her new mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Mosser, in Houston. "Dad" and Kacie now enjoy daily walks together.

Zachary is an absolutely precious little guy, who is very well-marked. He is very sweet and gentle, and is just a soft cuddly little guy. Zachary was turned in to Animal Control in Houston. He has dry eye, which requires inexpensive, daily prescription drops. Zachary went through heartworm treatment and was available for adoption in late December.

Zachary has moved into his new home in Houston with mom Nicole and little brother Tini. Here is a precious photo of "the boys" posing so handsomely for Mom.


Otis' hernia was surgically corrected on December 7, 2001, and Otis recovered very well. Otis is now back to running around and playing ball, one of his favorite activities.

Otis has found a loving home just outside of Austin with new dads Scott and Troy, sister Miss Annabelle and brother George. Here is Otis leaving for his new home on adoption day with Annie. "Dad" reports that Otis loves to run and play ball in the yard, impressing all of the neighbors!

Yes, precious little Baxter has finally been adopted! To everyone who applied for him, and there were plenty of you (!!!), Thank You for your understanding. This little angel needed a very special home, and we were being really, really particular and nitpicking die to his prio background of being attacked. Baxter drove to his new home in South Carolina. He must have known his new Mom and Dad were in the neighborhood because he kept going to the front window and looking out, something he never does. When they drove up, he ran right up to the car as if he had known them his entire life, and when everyone was ready to leave, he jumped into his little fleece bed as if that had been his forever! Thank you, Samantha and Barry, for giving Baxter a new wonderful life.
Jester has gone to his new home with the Tilden family, not far from where he was found as a stray. Jester loves his new family and gets plenty of love and attention there. Mom Terri takes Jester on walks several times a day, and he seems to love everyone he meets other than the cutout dog silhouette in a neighbor's yard! Jester is a good-looking young man who appears to be just at a year old. Jester was found running on the bike trails in The Woodlands, and was turned into rescue by a kind couple who saved him from the streets and certain death. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Brumbaugh, for saving Jester!
Tito has gone to his wonderful new home in The Woodlands. He was very happy to meet his new family, and was even hugging them with his little paws! Tito is this little guy's temporary name only because he looks like a "Tito." He is approximately 2 years old and was turned over to rescue after allegedly being abused. Tito is quickly coming out of his shell, and loves to run and play. Tito "talks" when playing, and has a precious personality. He has the cutest little face, and long legs that make him even more adorable. Thank you to animal angel Margaret Dominy for transporting Tito from Victoria, Texas, to his new foster home in The Woodlands.
PETUNIA IS ON HER WAY TO HER NEW HOME IN WHITNEY, TEXAS, TO LIVE WITH HER NEW BROTHER BOOMER! Petunia is a precious little flower, weighing only 11.0 pounds! Petunia was found as a stray in League City, Texas, running with a large male Labrador-mix. Petunia loves to play and gets along well with the other rescues. She appears to be between 1 to 2 years old. Petunia will be available for adoption on March 12th, once she completes her medication.

"Bear" has been adopted and is now living in The Woodlands with his new best friend, Lauren, and her mom Diana. Bear has already settled right in and made himself at home. Bear turned one year old on January 7, 2002, and he was surrendered to us by his owner because he is deaf. Bear is a sweetheart, and loves to be with people. He plays with the other rescues well, but prefers to be inside.


Quincy was dropped off at a vet's office south of Houston, and thanks to worker Natalie, found his way into rescue. Quincy appears to be around 6 years old, and is ready to go! Thanks, Natalie, for saving Quincy's life, and getting him checked out, neutered, vaccinated andon heartworm preventative. He has been adopted by Mrs. Jackson!!
Madison has gone to her new home with the Kings in Sugar Land, Texas, and is now a sister to Kearby, who was also adopted from us 1 1/2 years ago! It seems that Kearby and Madison have discovered a new form of entertainment -they both love to jump up and play on the dining room table! Madison is a one-year-old little ball of energy! Madison loves to run and play hard, and will do well in a home with another dog and/or children to play with. She weighs 15 pounds and knows to go to the door when she needs to potty.

Brutus has gone to live with his new sister Mehla in Houston! Brutus is an approximately 10-year-old male who was found wandering the streets of Baytown, Texas. Brutus was turned over to rescue by the family who found him. He is very playful and loving, and seems to get along well with other dogs.
Sophia has been adopted!
Benjamin is an approximately 3-year-old boy who weighs around 22 pounds. He is very sweet and loving, but had nipped at a neighbor who picked him up and dropped him! Ben was turned over to a local shelter in the College Station area as a result, and will be ready for adoption on March 16th. Benjamin has had all of his vaccinations, is neutered and microchipped, and ready to go to his new home! Due to his previous nipping incident, we prefer to place Ben in a home without young children. He is altered and up to date with all his shots! He has been adopted!

Sebastian is a very cute little guy who was found as a stray in Spring, Texas, by animal angel Kayla. Sebastian is now living with his new mom in Houston, and loving every minute of it.

Brimley has been adopted!

Brimley is a big boy, weighing in at 28 pounds. He is a beautiful seal brindle color, and everyone that sees him comments on what a great-looking boy he is! Brimley is around 5 1/2 years old, but acts like a youngster. Brimley needs to drop a few more pounds to get into optimum shape. Brimley will be a loving, loyal companion to his new owner.

Bishop and Penelope have been adopted!

Parker has been adopted!

He is now living with a wonderful, loving family in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and his new name is Maximus! Watch for his webpage coming soon, complete with details of his flight home with the crew of U. S. Air, and photos with his new family.

Maggie is a 5-year old female who is a little on the shy side. Maggie was reluctantly surrendered by her owner because Maggie was having to spend too much time alone at home. Maggie has been getting along well with the other rescues, but prefers to be in a home where she is the only dog. Maggie a sweet, gentle girl who is fully housetrained and listens well. She is updated on all her shots, house broken and altered. She has been adopted!

Samantha is approximately 6 years old, and was turned in by her owners because she was being attacked by their larger dog. Samantha is a sweet girl, and may do best in a home where she can be the "head honchette" for a change. She is up to date with all of her shots and is altered. Samantha was reclaimed by her owner!

Pee-Paw has gone to his new home in Houston. His new mom and dad report that Pee-Paw climbed up to get a basketball that he found in their garage, and has played with it nonstop ever since! Poor old Pee-Paw was turned into a local Houston shelter after his owner passed away. Pee-Paw was named by his foster mom because she thinks he looks like a little grandpa. Pee-Paw appears to be around 12 to 13 years old, but must be in his second childhood the way he loves to romp and play ball! He is a cute little guy, weighing just at 12 pounds.

Jessie is a 6-year-old female who was surrendered by her owner due to Jessie jumping up on an elderly neighbor. Jessie is a beautiful girl who does not look her age! She is spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Jessie is housebroken and a very loving girl. Jessie has found a good home!




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